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Specialist Self Storage Estate Agents

Selling Self Storage

Selling Self Storage facilities is a specialised business.

In the past we have sold Self Storage facilities for

  • Private operators of single and multiple sites
  • Institutions holding this asset class
  • Mortgagee in Possession – Banks and Financiers
  • Receivers and Managers

We pride ourselves on exceptional service to our clients. Confidentiality is paramount, and the years in the industry give Highway Frontage the benefit of knowing the major players, their appetites for particular locations, and also understanding where new buyers consistently come from. Our marketing is tailored for each Self Storage facility to ensure that all of those groups are accessed.

Below is the basic outline of the process followed in the sale of a Self Storage facility.

  • Assessment of facility
  • Tailoring of our marketing system to suit property and business
  • Preparation of Information Memorandum
  • Marketing
  • Negotiations
  • Exchange of Contracts
  • Assisting until contracts are unconditional to settlement

Due to the specialist nature of Self Storage with its mixture of real estate and business, our experience and knowledge allows us to anticipate and prepare for any issues or questions that crop up along the way from the initial discussions with our client to settlement.

Our marketing and information memorandums are designed for maximum impact and accessibility to give a clear overview of the business and real estate. Due to the many facets of a Self Storage facility from difference in size, location, metro or regional, drive up or with manager, zoning, use of software - just to name a few - our approach is tailored to each particular facility in mind, within the context of our marketing formula as built up over the last 15 years.